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Eyewear, and accessories, all under one roof

If you are looking for reliable eye care in Ahuntsic or Verdun, we can help you! We have a vast inventory stocked with a variety of glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. Our collection of products includes items from several well-known brands. You can choose from our wide selection of frames as per your visual needs and aesthetic preferences. We also provide custom handmade models on request. Get in touch to know more about our products!

Eye examination

Eye examination

We have optometrists available to perform comprehensive eye exams, treat infections, and conduct screenings for ocular diseases.


Ahuntsic store: Dr Xuanvinh Nguyen od  |  Dr Kulafian Marina od

Verdun store:   Dr Kulafian Marina od

Glasses and sunglasses

Glasses and sunglasses

We will find you the right style of glasses that fit your face and style preferences perfectly.

From thin, elegant frames to frames with intricate patterns and bold colours, we have it all.

We also provide lenses for glasses, including plastic lenses, glass lenses, standard lenses, and high definition progressive lenses from reknown provider Essilor and Nikon.


Ahuntsic store :   Juliette Fari oodPaola Barakat ood

Verdun store :      Tariq Fassi ood  | Paola Barakat ood

Contact lenses

Contact lenses

We provide contact lenses of all types, including permanent contact lenses, gas permeable contact lenses, monthly contact lenses, and coloured contact lenses in standard eye colours.

All of our lenses are made of the best quality materials and come with a warranty.