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Clear Self-adhesive 3M Silicone Nose Pads

Clear Self-adhesive 3M Silicone Nose Pads

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12 peers. More efficient and long-standing membership. Made with 3M silicone.

High quality clear self-adhesive silicone nose pads .

These self-adhesive silicone nose pads are made with high-quality characteristics;

  • Guaranteed 100% no fillers
  • Resistance to yellowing
  • Made with 3M silicone
  • Last twice as long than other nose pads brands
  • Great to use on plastic eyeglass frames due to their flexibility and bendability they conform to the shape of the frame.

Our silicone nose pads do not contain any plasticizers, therefore they will not provoke skin allergies and irritation.
Not only are the silicone nose pads a better choice for your customers. They also have a strong adhesion to the frame that provides a more efficient and long-standing separation resistance!

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