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Floating Eyewear Sports Cords

Floating Eyewear Sports Cords

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Floating Eyewear Sports Cords “Sunglasses & Eyeglass Floating Neck Strap

Keeping your customers sunglasses safe while enjoying their water sport activities with Kleargo's practical floating neck strap.
Our Floating Neck strap is the way to never lose eyewear in the water again and they come in vibrant colors to make it easy to find glasses in the water . Compatible up to 40 grams.

  • Highly visible styrofoam floating sunglass holder
  • Comfortable and easy to wear 
  • Neoprene end loops securely hold sunglasses and they are quick to fit.
  • Bright colors blue, red and black
  • Lightweight

Excellent for water sport activities, kite boarding, surfing, fishing, WaterSkiing and great for beach lovers.

Compatible up to 40 grams.

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Black, Blue, Red

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